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Where Has Your Soul Traveled?

Your soul has been on a journey for some time now. The life that you are currently living is not your first, and Earth is likely one of many destinations you have inhabited. This may be overwhelming and confusing to hear or it may sound familiar and comforting. Each of us is at a different stage of awareness around this concept. If this is new to you, take notice of things in this life where you struggle to understand why they work as they do. You just don’t relate. For example, you can’t make any sense of the harshness you see in the world. You feel that this is “just the way I am” but there is actually a reason. Because it did not exist in previous lives, your soul struggles with it. On the other hand, you may be someone who has a sense you were somewhere else before Earth, or even fully aware and connected to these other places. Regardless of your stage of awareness, there are challenges you face when you don’t understand the full picture. In this post, I will explain how a soul comes to be, the purpose of its journey, and how you can learn about your soul origin through your unique Soul Design

What Is a Soul?

A soul is created when Source (some say God, All That Is, One) fractilizes, creating smaller parts of itself. Each soul is a mixture of Source’s consciousness, divine qualities, and very high-frequency energy. Some refer to souls as light beings. If you research the numerous documented near-death experiences, you will find that many people refer to “the light” and “light beings.” These light beings are souls that are not currently incarnated, and therefore, are vibrating at a much higher frequency. When a soul does choose to incarnate, it lowers its frequency. Throughout its incarnation, it collects energies during the journey and then releases the energies as it returns to Source, entering a very high frequency once again. 

The Soul’s Journey

So why does a soul incarnate? There are two reasons that build on one another:

  1. In the universe, there exists many realms (or reality constructs) and dimensions. A soul incarnates to experience these realms and dimensions in a much grander way. 

Each realm (also referred to as a star system) has differences, two of which include its vibrational frequency level and the characteristics a soul works through while there. The realm in which a soul chooses to incarnate is well-matched to its divine qualities and near enough to its frequency. Using you as an example, your soul chose Earth because Earth and the realm it exists in matches well with your soul’s divine qualities and exists at a frequency in line with that of your soul. 

Within each realm, there are a number of cycles a soul must go through before mastering that realm. Once mastery is reached, it enters another realm that is fairly close in frequency, allowing it to acclimate easily as it moves from one to another. For example, the planet or realm you existed in prior to this one is likely within the same galaxy as Earth and shares a similar vibrational frequency. The purpose of these life cycles and levels of mastery are linked to the second reason a soul incarnates:

  1. By experiencing these realms, a soul not only evolves itself but helps all other souls and realms do the same. All parts of the system are evolving at the same time to help the evolution of the collective.

We are all connected. All of this is co-created. Some souls have only incarnated on Earth so far (newer fractilizations), while others are star seeds, meaning they have incarnated in other realms and have mastered those realms before coming to Earth. In addition, some souls have soul family contracts with their origin family or star family. The soul family’s contract, or mission, is to help Earth evolve. Regardless of where it is on its journey, whether in contract or not, the soul’s purpose is to help the whole system evolve.

Learning the Origin of Your Soul

One of the three layers of your Soul Design is your soul profile. It holds the knowledge of every planet and realm you have experienced. During your Soul Design reading, we access this information through your Akashic Records, which are the energetic archive of your soul’s past, present, and future. From there, we can see all of the realms and planets that you have ever been a part of.

During your reading, we look at the realm you existed in before arriving on Earth and discuss the characteristics you brought with you from that realm. They remain a part of you until you are reabsorbed back into Source. Learning the positive and negative aspects of these characteristics helps you to understand why you feel the way you do, experience certain emotions often, and for some, why you are having visions of other places or times in which your soul existed. 

You also will start to understand that you are much more than the Earth soul you are now. As more of us realize this, the veil of forgetfulness that keeps each of us from remembering our soul’s journey lifts. As the veil lifts, the Earth evolves. And so does everyone and everything else. Your unique Soul Design will help you understand your role in this fascinating experience we are all a part of. 


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