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What if you could meet your Spirit Guide (or Higher Self) and ask them a question?

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This is your opportunity to book a 1-on-1 session with Jon Hodge. Jon has developed his energetic communication abilities over 30 years of constant commitment to connecting. Originally through automatic writing, and channeling entities, to conversing with his own guides, Jon now uses his gift to chat with your Spirit Guide.

He can literally see your guide and describe them to you, and have a two-way conversation, while talking with you. It's such a gift, you'll be blown away, and guided in the best possible way, by Spirit.

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Jon is a Messenger for Your Spirit Guide...So You Can be Told Exactly What You Need to Know, Now.

Jon's Spirit Guide connection can help with:

  • Answering a pressing question
  • How to discover and clear our blockages
  • How to find and align to your life purpose
  • Integrating new experiences as you awaken
  • Help with relationship struggles and questions
  • Guidance on healing yourself
  • Manifesting new creations
  • Channeling, psychic gifts, and intuitional guidance
  • Akashic records readings

Completely Awed and Blown Away

I would like to share with the group something special that happened for me at the You:Transformed Retreat this weekend. But some background first: a couple of months ago I went to the Entelechea Lightworker Apprentice Fair, where I met a psychic medium named Juliana Adler. She described my spirit guides to me, the first being a blonde, blue-eyed woman wearing something like a loin cloth, a belt with a knife, and she was holding a 2-bladed axe. It was fun, but I was totally skeptical. I walked away thinking, now I have a data point; the next time someone claims to see my spirit guides, I can compare notes!

Fast forward to this retreat, and I asked Jon if he could see my spirit guides. He saw a blonde, blue-eyed woman in Roman slave garb (no belt or weapons) and he talked with her and fielded my questions for over 15 minutes. I asked for further confirmations, like if she had any weapons, or if she could tell Jon something he didn't know, like my middle name or my sister's name. My spirit guide immediately responded with Anne (my middle name). Incredible! I left Sat evening of the Retreat completely awed and blown away.

When I walked in Sunday morning for day two, Jon said my guide had a message for me. She had changed her garb and was now wearing a belt with a knife and wielding an axe with 2 blades. Jon said that my guide wanted to provide me with this additional confirmation.

I have been skeptical towards spirituality and have looked for ways to test it. I have been gradually shifting into acceptance, but I've had nagging doubts.

This weekend really confirmed for me that spirituality is indeed real.

-Chrystal LeGrand

Clear About My Path Now

When Jon spoke to my guide, he saw and described my guide. And the next day when I get home...I recognized it was my great-grandfather, he was describing. So I found a picture of him and I showed it to Jon the next day. He confirmed that there was that was my guide at a younger age...but that was my guide!

And then the message that came through via Jon and via my guide was really the answer to my question. This thing that made me feel kind of stuck in my career and it really got to me. I'm on the path now, and I know I'm clear now about what I'm going to do, so I'm excited!

-Murielle Dugay

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