Discover Your Soul's Blueprint and Align to the TRUE You 


I’ve been feeling lost and confused about who I am. By the end of the session I was able to understand my strengths and struggles.

-Adriana Castro, Dallas, Texas

Know Thyself and You Have the Key to Creating Anything

By knowing thyself, you are given the greatest gift. You will understand why you do what you do, and why feel, how you interpret energies, and what works and doesn’t work for you.


Are you tired of searching for...

...your life’s purpose?

...your true passion?

...your unique soul-aligned purpose? and happiness?

Or how about...

...ways build the business of your dreams, that is perfectly in alignment with your soul qualities?

...a relationship that would meld with my soul?

...ways to allow things to flow more easily?

By learning your Soul Design, you will be given the key to your own internal circuitry. You’ll have a roadmap and strategy that you can apply to all areas of your life.

Live a Life that is Aligned with Your Soul Design

Like the story of the beggar and the box, we are asking for help, when we have been sitting on a chest full of gold all along. Soul Design is that chest of gold. The Soul Design chart shows you who YOU are at the soul level.

The Soul Design Chart

A 3-Layered Breakdown of the True You

The Soul Design Chart shows your soul's unique DNA since its moment of creation, layered on by the colorful tapestry of your Earth Realm qualities, and your Human Design in this lifetime. Get a clear look at who you  really are. You'll return back again and again as this guidepost shows you the way to an aligned life.

What Your Soul Design Includes

Soul Profile

Your soul profile displays your soul’s unique divine qualities at the moment of inception from Source/God/Oneness. Each soul has all divine qualities, but one or two are strongest, which color your soul’s experience in all realities and lifetimes. Your soul profile also lists your Soul Group (also known as Starseed origination point), which plays to who you are.

Earth Realm Profile

This profile encompasses your experience in the Earth realm, which is a series of many lives as you go through the soul ages and levels (process of evolution in this “Earth school”). Your profile includes your soul age, level, role, goal, mode, attitude, chief obstacle, center, and body type.

Human Design

Human Design is a popular form of charting your unique energy suit that you chose to wear in this lifetime. It considers how you interact and interpret energies from the universe and others. Your Human Design profile includes your type, inner authority, profile, theme, incarnation cross, and channels.


What to Expect

Step One

Order Your Soul Design Chart

First, choose the package that best fits your needs, and order! You will simply provide some details which are required in order for us to access your soul via the Akashic Records (such as your name, birthdate, etc.).

Step Two

Akashic Records Reading

Your Soul Design Reader will access an elevated state of consciousness, in which they connect into your energetic records. Through a defined protocol your reader obtains specific information from your records that goes into your Soul Design Chart. Your records are only accessed with your permission and are not shared with anyone else without your permission.

Step Three

Soul Design Chart is Sent to You

We will prepare a beautiful and easy to read Soul Design Chart, which includes all three profiles, and additional information for you to read. You will refer back to this chart often, as it will become a useful compass when navigating life and understanding yourself at the deepest level.

Step Four

Unpacking from Our Soul Design Specialist

You will have a live unpacking video call with your Soul Design Reader. This is of tremendous value. They will go into greater detail as to what each item means on your chart, with plenty of interaction with you, and will ultimately give you actionable guidance and wisdom on who you are..

It gave me the opportunity to to truly understand myself on a deeper and more spiritual level and helped me piece together different situations in my life. I am more at peace with who I am.

Ikwo Nkanga, Addison, Texas

Choose Your Soul Design Package

Soul Design is an investment in knowing who you are. After someone receives their chart and unpacking, they are energized with a rush of truth and a confirmation. You will be given a clear blueprint and roadmap to living your best life. So that your relationships, manifestations, and purpose are all fully realized without running into a wall again and again.




  • Full Soul Design Chart
  • Soul Profile
  • Earth Realm Profile
  • Human Design Profile
  • Starseed Origin
  • 60 min. Live Video Call
  • Recording of Video Call




  • Full Soul Design Chart + Extended Human Design
  • Soul Profile
  • Earth Realm Profile
  • EXTENDED Human Design Profile
  • Starseed Origin
  • 60 min. Live Video Call Unpacking
  • Recording of Video Call




  • Full Soul Design Chart + Current Blocks & Restrictions
  • Soul Profile
  • Earth Realm Profile
  • Human Design Profile
  • Blocks and Restrictions Chart
  • Each Energy Center/Chakra’s Blocks
  • Extended Human Design Profile
  • Starseed Origin
  • 1 hour Live Video Call Unpacking
  • Recording of Video Call

It helped me to be daring more - especially when it comes to following my intuition

Ruti Celli, Guerneville, California

BONUSES to Align with Your Soul Design

These powerful bonuses are included with any Soul Design purchase.

Align to Your Soul Design Masterclass

Learn how to fully align to your design and transform your life with this "new" information.

Align to Your Design Discovery Workbook

Answer these 15 questions on your path of self discovery and full alignment to unlock your potential.

Align With You Guided Meditation

Now it is time to energetically integrate and fully experience the TRUE YOU - now, with this powerful guided meditation.

More Soul Shifting Moments Shared Below...

It gave me insight into who I am and will help me continue to manifest a new destiny, soul evolution, and growth.
~ Caroline Finstein
I felt like this whole Soul Blueprint thing is the overarching principle. It gives it a big picture fundamentals that drives so many other things. It now make sense to follow my gut to take action. I discovered how I have a gift of communicating and facilitating.
~ Tanin Hussain
It’s amazing to have new ways to approach…life!
~ Cynthia Armstrong

Meet Our Soul Design Readers

How Soul Design Was Created

A message from Jon


Hello Beautiful Souls!

Around 30 years ago I had a dark night experience that set me on the path to becoming a new me. In fact I have created several new versions of myself, each one better than the last. After several years of studying and having things brought into my life by the universe, I was able to connect with spiritual beings of higher consciousness. Over the years I have worked with my spirit guides toward self-mastery and preparation for my life mission. You see, I had so much to learn and remember, it took many steps from one version of me to another. Over the years I was taught many different modalities connected with self-mastery and how to teach them to others. 

I was taught many of the Soul Design processes years ago and knew I would use them, I just didn’t know how at that time. In the last two years my guides have been telling me it is time to engage your mission. They told me this over and over and began to help me put together the Soul Design system.

The Soul Design program is specifically designed for this time within the human collective’s transition to higher consciousness. It took me 30 years to get where I am in higher consciousness. The Soul Design process was developed for you to be able to get right to the truth about who you are and what your mission in life is. It is a map to manifesting your absolute truth and helping the human collective manifest a higher version of self. 

You:Transformed is here to assist you in transforming yourself and creating a new destiny. I am here to help each one of you become your best version of self!

Blessings to you!

Jon Hodge, Soul Design Master

How Soul Design Brought Me Clarity

A message from Krystal


Not long ago I was rolling through the motions in the 9-5 corporate world; sitting behind a desk plugging away at spreadsheets feeling unfulfilled in my efforts. From the outside peering in, I looked like I was on a path society would deem “successful”, but inside I felt hollow. I knew there was more to this life and more to me, but I struggled to channel that in a practical way on my spiritual path.

I would often get nudges about pursuing what lit me up but would pass them off as whimsical ideas, often followed by thoughts of “who am I to do that?!”. While love would often whisper back, “who are you not to?”, it was ultimately Soul Design that came along and shouted “you were meant to!”. It provided the practical blueprint that I had been seeking in order to make the necessary changes toward pursuing a life that felt as good on the inside as it looked on the outside; a life that was unique to the song that my soul came here to sing in this lifetime.

Clarity, confirmation and direction is what Soul Design so graciously gave me and now I want to help give you the same so that you can live a life of authenticity, harmony and purpose. You are here to create a unique masterpiece of your own!

To your destiny!

Krystal Fox, Soul Design Specialist

It was a powerful tool to add on my journey...Jon validated my energy and my need to take space to feel my way through big decisions.

Natasha Durel, Texas

Having my reading done changed my perception of who I am as a person. I'm now following my dreams in a bigger and bolder way.

Dr. Brianne Grogan, Germany

Fresh Soul Design Content From the Gram

What truths will you uncover when you go within?

Give yourself the gift of total ALIGNMENT