Transformational Retreats ⚡

Are you ready to transform into the greatest version of you? Are you looking for a spiritual experience with powerful energy practices, group connection, meditation, and soul alignment?

You:Transformed retreats are life-changing moments that change the trajectory of your life. You might come for the information, but you will experience deep bliss, joy, love, and connection in our beautiful group events.

Heart Bloom: The Frequency of Love | Nov. 18, 2023

A one day heart opening experience of healing, divine love, and frequency expanding energy. Heart, third eye, and crown chakra activations through breathwork, yoga, and meditation. Talk to your spirit guides, Bashar, and other guides via Jon.


Galactic Oneness | Dec. 9 - 10, 2023

Jon and the Galactic Guides will answer any and all questions with loving, wise, and high frequency information. Experience the big group energy in our meditations, learn how to connect with spirit guides/other entities, and shift from fear to love to experience your greatest joy and alignment.


Make Lifelong Memories as You Transform With Us

Experience the greatest version of yourself at an upcoming spiritual retreat with You:Transformed. Invest in YOU and your future.