The You:Transformed Meditations with Purpose Collection 

33 Meditations to Heal and Manifest 
✷  Feel Source Energy Pour Through You
✷  Frequency Raising On the Daily



"Get ready to be catapulted into a higher level of consciousness & being!"

- Linda Arsenio, You:Transformed Community

An Upward Spiral of Frequency Jumping, Magical Manifesting Cosmic-Class Guided Meditations

This is the ultimate, complete collection of You:Transformed meditations created over the last 4 years for our community. Previously, most of these meditations could only be accessed in our Breakthrough Coaching experience or The Tribe membership.

✔ Bring purpose + intention into your meditations
✔ Joyful, high frequency practices that ascend your vibration
✔ Connected guidance from Michael Hodge and Jon Hodge
✔ Beautiful, Custom-Composed Music to Take You Deep





✔ Emerge a New You 
✔ Align With You 
✔ Be Unlimited Walking Meditation 
✔ River of Abundance
✔ Changing Your Box 
✔ Rehearse a New Choice
✔ Love Expansion


✔ Paint a New Reality
✔ Future Vision
✔ Time Machine
✔ Co-Create for Another
✔ I Am Worthy to Receive
✔ Surrender Your Manifestations


✔ Radiant Body
✔ Energy Center Coherence
✔ A New Body
✔ Surrender Your Blocks
✔ Reflect on You
✔ Letting Go of Stuck Emotions
✔ Rewrite Your Past
✔ Releasing Blocks and Restrictions
✔ Blessing of the Chakras


✔ Journey to Pyramid Portal
✔ Journey to Integrate Higher Self
✔ Seat of Consciousness
✔ Floating and Being Infinite Love
✔ Frequency of the New You
✔ One Heart Ascended Masters
✔ You Are the Light of the World
✔ Ask Your Intuition
✔ Heart Coherence
 Love Walk Walking Meditation

Elevate Your Meditation Practice.
Align to Your Deepest Truth.

Manifest Your Creations, Now.

Extra Loving Bonuses…Including:

2 Guided Breathworks

A Relaxing Breathwork (great for anxiety and centering) and an Energizing Breathwork (great to raise your frequency fast).

2 Qigong Moving Meditations

Follow along energy work video classes, with custom music. A moving meditation with guidance.

Align to Your Design

Answer these 15 questions on your path of self discovery and full alignment to unlock your potential.

Unlimited Hugs

We'll love you forever and ever. Embrace the human race.


Your Meditation Guides


Transforming Love,
Gentle Voice

Michael Hodge has guided 100's of live meditations, known for his gentle voice, poetic phrasing, and loving presence.


Deep Consciousness,
Strong Words

Jon Hodge's deep Source connection initiates you into higher consciousness, beyond the words that are spoken.

Infuse YOUR Meditations With Purpose

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Meditations With Purpose Collection



33 Guided Meditations

Deep, Beautiful Music

Bonus Breathworks

Qigong Movement Meditations

Align to Your Design Workbook

Hugs for Life

A journey into knowing thyself beyond compare. Pure Source connection flowing through with Michael’s relaxing tonality and profound simple wisdom. I always leave the meditations feeling better than before."

   - Tyler Drake, You:Transformed Community