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What is the meaning of Earth Realm?

As we covered in our post about Soul Origins, there are many realms (or reality constructs) that exist in the universe, Earth being one of them. When your soul enters a realm, it goes through multiple life cycles within that realm and each life cycle is made up of multiple lifetimes. Your Earth Realm Profile encompasses just that - your lifetimes and life cycles in the Earth realm. It is the second major component of your Soul Design, helping to clarify why you have a consistent way of approaching and thinking about life the way you do. For example, you may be a cautious person or skeptical about most things. Your Earth Realm Profile clarifies why. This deep understanding leads you to make choices aligned with your higher self so that you blossom rather than face pain and suffering. During your Soul Design reading, we access your Earth Realm Profile through your Akashic Records, which are the energetic archive of your soul’s past, present, and future. From here we can determine various characteristics of your soul that make up your profile, which include its role, age, goal, mode, attitude, chief obstacle, center, and body type. Following is a breakdown of each characteristic, starting with your role. 


Your role is one of seven archetypes, which include priest, artisan, server, scholar, king, warrior, and sage. Each role has positive and negative sides. For example, I am a priest soul and I can be really preachy towards people at times, which would be an example of a negative attribute of this role. When you enter the Earth Realm, you select a role that remains the same in each lifetime of a life cycle. Once you complete a life cycle, you may decide to enter the next life cycle with a different role. Currently, over half of the souls in the Earth realm are servers. In future videos, we will talk about the positive and negative characteristics of the server and those of the other roles as well. 


Your soul goes through different ages, which include infant, baby, youth, mature, old, and transcendental/infinite. Within each of these ages are seven levels. As you progress through a life cycle, you experience all of these ages, going through seven levels in one age before moving on to the next. You may move through a level in as little as one to three lifetimes, or it may take many. When you reach the old soul age, this is typically when you select another role to return to the Earth Realm in or you go onto a different realm. While transcendental/infinite is one of the ages, there are usually only one or two of these souls on the planet at a time. Examples include Jesus, Buddha, and Confucius. Jesus was a transcendental soul and Buddha was an infinite soul, representing the aspects they taught when they were here. With that said, no soul age is better than another. It is just where the soul is at.


A goal is an aspect your soul sets out to work on during your lifetime. Goals include re-evaluation, growth, discrimination, acceptance, submission, dominance, and stagnation. You look at everything from the perspective of your goal. For example, if growth is your goal, you would approach decisions and experiences as a way to grow and evolve. As with the roles, there are positive and negative sides to goals as well.


Your goal then falls into a mode, which defines how you approach your goal. Modes include caution, power, reserved, passion, perseverance, aggression, and observation. For example, if you have a goal of growth using a mode of caution, you look at situations as opportunities for growth but you look the situation over really well before you do anything. With power, you would go into an experience to grow and take it head-on. If your mode is reserved, you would look for growth but hold back somewhat as you went about the experience.  


Attitude is essentially what it states; your attitude toward experiences and challenges you face through your life. Attitudes include stoic, spiritualist, skeptic, idealist, cynic, realist, and pragmatist. I have worked with cautious skeptics before. They don't really want to do anything and are hard to work with. Those with an idealist attitude really think things over and have great ideals. As for myself, I am a spiritualist, so my attitude leads me to approach life with a spiritual focus.

Chief Obstacle

Your chief obstacle is something that your soul set up to overcome in your lifetime. It is a catalyst for your evolution. The chief obstacles are self-depreciation, arrogance, self-destruction, greed, martyrdom, patience, and stubbornness. For me in this lifetime, my obstacle is self-destruction. I've tried to destroy myself several times in my life. Thankfully, I have not succeeded at that but have learned from it. Self-destruction, self-depreciation, and arrogance are common chief obstacles I see in readings. 


Your center is how you approach things internally; how you “center” or process your feelings and thinking around situations. The centers are instinctive, higher-moving, moving, emotional, intellectual, higher-intelligence, and higher-emotion. If you are emotional, your emotions guide you as you deal with a situation, whereas those with an intellectual center are intellectualizing everything. Intellectual is a common center I see in readings but so is moving, which means a soul slides back and forth between all of the centers. Those who are instinctive, such as myself, use intuition for almost everything.

Body Type

Your body type is set when you are born. We discuss this generally within your Earth Realm Profile but look at it much deeper in the third component of your Soul Design, which is your Human Design. Human Design gives you a quick rundown of the planetary alignment when you were born, which then determines your “type” (there are four types in Human Design). Do you have a strong body? Do you wear out easily? It gives you more information on each one of these types, or body types, and how they affect your life.


This is just a quick overview of your Earth Realm Profile, but I hope it gives you an idea of what type of information lies within this component of your Soul Design. Future videos will dive deeper into each area so that you can start to see where you fall within each in this lifetime. For now, I hope you are beginning to see just how much clarity and understanding your Soul Design profile will provide, and how it will lead you to aligned living rather than struggle. 


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Soul Design: Earth Realm Profile


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