Soul Design: Divine Qualities – How to Finally Discover Your Life Purpose


If you are a human on this planet, you probably know what it feels like to search for your life purpose and who you were truly meant to be in this world (or at least wonder about it). But what you might not know is that there is a blueprint already within you that holds the answers. It is called your Soul Design, a three-layered guide of your soul’s unique DNA from the moment of its inception.

It is your life roadmap that allows you to clearly see what it is you are seeking and how to get there so that you can step into who you truly are and relieve those feelings of frustration and fear that you may never find your life purpose.

By understanding how you were designed, you can live in alignment in all areas of your life and create anything you desire.

There is so much to share about Soul Design and I encourage you to visit for more information about this fascinating resource. In today’s post, I would like to talk more specifically about the divine qualities of your Soul Design and how they help reveal your life purpose. 

Simply put, your soul is a unique composition of the eight qualities of Source/God/Oneness, which are:

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Order
  • Power 
  • Wisdom
  • Compassion
  • Manifestation
  • Communication

From these, you have one or two primary qualities which are called your divine qualities. Your gifts, which drive your purpose and mission in life, are within the energies of these primary qualities. There are gifts within all eight qualities, so you possess multiple talents, but your two primary qualities are what drive your purpose here on Earth.

When we look at your Soul Design chart, we perform a reading of your Akashic Records, which are the energetic archive of your soul’s past, present, and future. It is through these records that your primary qualities reveal themselves. Each quality possesses both positive and negative aspects. To step into your purpose in life, you want to make choices aligned with the positive. 

It is very common to deeply resonate with your primary qualities upon hearing them. You are able to connect dots in a way you couldn’t before, almost like a lightbulb moment. Clarity about the what and why of your purpose is available in a way it never was before. You begin to understand how making choices around the positive aspects or your primary qualities will lead you to live a very fruitful, aligned, and abundant life.

Think of it this way: Your Soul Design is the roadmap for your life journey. Your divine qualities reveal your strategy for the journey. Utilizing a strategy that pulls from your strengths allows the universe to support you in complete alignment with your design. From there, you can create anything you desire.

In future posts, we will break down each of the eight qualities and their positive and negative aspects, and discuss the types of choices that can be made within each of these qualities. In the meantime, we encourage you to learn more about the process and what is included with your Soul Design at


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