Why Your Chief Obstacle is Your Greatest Opportunity for Growth

Today you’re going to learn why your chief obstacle is your greatest opportunity for growth and expansion in this lifetime. Your soul chose to take on a special challenge in this life - which we call your chief obstacle.

  • How all parts tie together in a soul’s journey and desire for growth and expansion in this life (Earth Realm role, chief obstacle, mode, goal, center, attitude)
  • The 7 chief obstacles in the Earth Realm: Self Depreciation, Arrogance, Self Destruction, Greed, Martyrdom, Impatience, Stubbornness  
  • Examples from Jon’s personal life - how his chief obstacle of self-destruction has led to soul-level growth.
  • Krystal shares how she thought she was over her chief obstacle, but there is a new form of awareness that must be enacted to not descend into the past self.
  • Guidance on what to do when you encounter your chief obstacle.
  • The Word. How your words become law, and the secret biblical meaning of “The Word.” 


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