Why Lightworkers Should Raise their Prices (and Self-Worth)


Take a moment to recall someone who has been a true lightworker in your life - encouraged you as you stumbled along a new path, helped you remember your true self and your potential, or provided light and hope in times of intense darkness. Whether this was a friend, a family member, or someone you entered into a formal agreement with, the support and healing they provided you was invaluable. 


So why do you devalue that person when the person is you? As a lightworker, why are you struggling to grow your income? Today I want to talk about the importance of raising your prices and increasing your self-worth, along with the impact it has when we all do this as a collective. But first, let’s look at some of the limiting beliefs that led you to this idea that you should be charging very little, if anything at all, for the work you do in the world:


I Can't be Spiritually-Aligned and Wealthy 

Many hold this conflicting belief either consciously and subconsciously because of their upbringing, religious background, or the media. But it is actually a limiting belief. Consider that being spiritual and wealthy are the same thing. When you work to serve others, you not only help them create wealth and expansion in their lives, but you create wealth and expansion for yourself too. And whenever you have more to give, you can create more for others. It flows back and forth. This limiting belief also forgets that the universe is abundant and there is plenty of everything for everyone. Your wealth does not mean there is less available for others.


Charging for Healing Creates Barriers to the Truth 

At YOU:Transformed, we put out many videos, meditations, and programs at no cost because we want to help people create tremendous change for free. We believe there should be resources that are easily accessible to everyone. But we also have signature programs that do require an investment because we provide you with a coach who supports your transformation and keeps you accountable throughout the program so that you can manifest the destiny you want. In other words, the level of energetic exchange increases, which then increases the value. We are not trying to put barriers around the dissemination of truth but instead are recognizing the increase in the value of the energetic exchange. There is nothing wrong with receiving more (in this case money) in return.


Money is Evil 

In a highly evolved spiritual society, money may not be needed, but that is not where Earth is right now. With the way the world currently operates, money is the representation of any energetic exchange, whether it be for food, material items, services, or anything else. Until we evolve further as a society, look at money as a tool of expansion for the good you are doing in the world rather than something to be avoided. 


Devaluing Your Work and Self-Worth is Actually a Disservice to Others

When you start to see through these limiting beliefs and look at it from the perspective of working to serve, you will begin to realize the importance of charging accordingly for the value you provide. When you don’t, you are not only undermining your self-worth (and the worth of other lightworkers), but you are actually doing others a disservice. Following are reframes of the limiting beliefs I spoke about earlier to paint a clearer picture of what I mean:


Limiting Belief: I can’t be spiritually aligned and wealthy. 

Reframe: Valuing spiritually conscious services expands the energetic exchange of lightworkers and shifts the economy and the world towards an ascended level of consciousness. 


When more value is placed on conscious, spiritual products and services, more prosperity expands and grows for everyone in the entire economy, and in the right areas. For example, do you support buying GMO's and unhealthy foods or do you support organic farmers? With your support of organic farming practices, farmers and the economy overall receive more resources to continue producing organic foods, which improves your health and that of the planet. Now look at this in terms of your role as a lightworker. By valuing yourself as a lightworker, you do the same for other lightworkers. This allows for the expansion of conscious products and services in the economy, leading the entire world in the direction of this ascended level of consciousness.

By setting your rates at a level that reflects the value you provide, you allow your work to create prosperity, acknowledgment, and expansion in the economy. 


Limiting Belief: Charging others creates barriers to the truth. 

Reframe: By honoring your own self-worth, you honor and expand the self-worth of others.


You may have thought in the past, “This person can really benefit from my work, but I don’t know if they have the money so I won’t charge them.” This actually prevents them from acknowledging their own self-worth and creates a barrier to their expansion. For example, if you purchase a coaching program or attend a live event that requires an investment on your part, you play full out and step into a version of yourself that didn’t previously exist. If there is no investment required, you won’t show up as fully. By not allowing someone to step up and really invest in themselves, you keep them from growth. Pricing your services according to their value not only honors your self-worth, but acknowledges the worth and potential of the other. How you value their worth is reflected back to you. 

Limiting Belief: Money is evil. 

Reframe: Money provides the energy you need to continue changing the lives of others through your work. 


You have a deep desire to help others, but you can’t support them if you are unable to take care of your own well-being. If you give and give but receive nothing in return, you burn out and are not able to provide the healing and help to others that you normally would be able to. You must fill up your own cup because you need energy too. Rather than being evil, money is a reflection of the value you provide in the world, reaching you through the channel of another and allowing you to continue your work. It not only represents balance in the universe, but also The Law of Circulation, which states that all things in the universe are always flowing in circulation but at an ever-expanding rate. In other words, what flows back to you serves to expand and deepen your work from a shallow creek to the depth of a rushing river. 

I hope this has helped to shed light on this common challenge that lightworkers experience. Remember that what you do is out of love for others. You work to serve. Just as I don’t work with YOU:Transformed to make a certain amount of money, you aren’t a lightworker for the sake of the money. Don’t look at the prices you charge through the lens of “making money” but as a representation of the value you provide. Doing so will allow you to honor your worth and well-being, allow others to invest in themselves and their growth, and lead the world in the direction of an ascended level of consciousness. 


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