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Become a Magnet for Your Manifestations

Your life is your vibration. The Essential Practice helps you to change your vibration and attract your creations.



Know Thyself

Before you manifest a new destiny, you must know who you are. When you manifest based upon your Soul Design, your life is supercharged with energy and ease, living out a dream life that is completely on purpose, and unique to you.

Future Vision

Align to the True You

By creating a grand future vision for you and your life, you are planting the seeds of a new destiny. You can be, do, or have anything — you are the creator of your own reality. A future vision is made manifest when you are BEING the frequency match to your desired manifestation.

Clear Blocks and Restrictions

Consciously Create Your Dreams

By overcoming fear and living in love, you experience a breakthrough to the next level of YOU. As a conscious co-creator with the universe, you make your dreams manifest on this beautiful spiritual journey of life.

Go from Stuck to Manifesting Miracles with Guidance from Your Spirit Guides

Jon and your spirit guides will answer any and all questions with loving, wise, and high frequency information. Experience the big group energy in our meditations, learn how to connect with spirit guides/other entities, and shift from fear to love to experience your greatest joy and alignment.

Soul Design
Soul Design Blueprint

Akashic Reading to Discover Your Original Soul Blueprint

Do you want to know who you really are? At conception, each soul was colored with primary divine qualities. This is mixed in with our original soul origin (starseed), and layered on with your Earth realm qualities, and your Human Design.

Our 3-layered chart and video unpacking will show you the unique tapestry that makes up YOU, in an easy to assimilate, and actionable format. We access your Soul Design via reading the Akashic Records, in a meditative state of connectedness.


About You:Transformed

You:Transformed is a community of conscious creators who are crossing the river of change to serve humanity. Our mission is to help you transform yourself and manifest a new destiny, that is perfectly in alignment with you.

Michael Hodge

Michael Hodge

Teacher + Transformation Coaching

After going through a spiritual crucible of chronic pain and divorce, Michael:transformed by aligning to his true energy, which is that of teaching spiritual truths in a way that are easy to apply. He has a knack for making complex teachings easy to understand and practical. Through creating educational programs in the areas of language learning, martial arts, and healing, he awakens sleeping dragons to their highest purpose.

Jon Hodge

Jon Hodge

Teacher + Soul Design Master

Jon has been on a 25+ year journey of self-mastery, which was brought upon by self-destructive behaviors, pain in his work, and discord in his family. By immersing himself in martial arts, energy work (tai chi, qigong, falun dafa), meditation, channeled writing, and the inhabitation of elevated consciousness, he has put these methods to the test. He has passionately developed the Soul Design system and is overjoyed by the opportunity to give others spiritual epiphanies that create soul-level change.

Live Classes and Meetups in Dallas & Virtually

We host classes, meditations, and other meetups in the Dallas area and virtually on Zoom. Are you looking to connect with your high-vibe tribe and transform with us? Attend an event and experience the energy.


"Are you a leader of light or a follower of fear?"

-Michael Hodge, Founder of You:Transformed

Meditate with Michael on Insight Timer

After being told, "wow, that was one of the best meditations I've ever experienced" over and over again, Michael began recording and sharing his impromptu, transformational, and deeply loving meditations with the world. Expand your consciousness now with Michael on Insight Timer.


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