Three Days Can Change Your Destiny.
Only 60 Souls Can Attend. Will You Be One?


Just come with an open mind, and the more open you are, the more you get blissed out.

-Abhi Muppiri, Retreat Attendee

More information is NOT THE ANSWER.

Are you frustrated by your manifestations not coming to fruition? Don’t go another day:

  Scrolling through more and more youtube videos about manifesting.

  Trying so hard. Forcing it. And staying stuck.

  Isolated from a loving spiritual community.

  Piecing together your own awakening path - not really sure what is working.

  Living another yesterday. Another last year. In the same place that you’ve been.

MANIFEST A NEW DESTINY this March in Dallas. This is your moment.

You will walk in the door as your past self, and out the door as your FUTURE SELF.

Manifest a New Destiny is the right breakthrough experience for you if:

  Follow Dr. Joe Dispenza and related teachers - but want guided help on changing your life. 🦋

  You are ready to learn how to self-heal and bring your body into balance. 💪

  You are ready for abundance to expand and pass through you as you grow your wealth. 💸

  You are ready for the most magical conscious relationship of any lifetime. 💖

  You are ready to give your gifts as the authentic you - no longer hiding your spiritual side. 😊

  You are ready to have fun, laugh, smile, and dance with other beautiful souls who are doing this with you! 💃



“Having that enthusiasm for life rejuvenated…ready to go out and raise other people's vibrations, because what we learn here and what we experience here is going to change everything else. It's the butterfly effect.”

-Tanin Nazmul



“Energy in the room was just so welcoming, warm, and friendly.”

-Shradha Aiyer


The Path to You:Transformed


Before you create your dream life, you must know who you truly are, at a soul level. By getting your Soul Design, you will have a powerful blueprint to better understand your divine gifts and qualities. The first step is self-awareness and pure self-love for the authentic you.


It is time to align to the true you. Letting go of the false selves, the person that you were led to believe is you. Shedding the conditioning, shame, guilt, judgement, fear, and anxiety. Aligning to your true divine energies and stepping into the greatest YOU.


It is time to paint a new reality. You are a CREATOR. You can choose a new life experience. You are worthy of being, doing, or having any experience - you are not separate from it. Now choose how your new life feels, leaning into the divine emotions, as you paint a picture of your new reality.



Lessons led by your teachers: Michael Hodge and Jon Hodge. They will take you through the process of manifesting your new destiny. They will share personal stories. The dark night of the soul. The victories. What works and what doesn’t. As you do your own step-by-step process of KNOW ➡ ALIGN ➡ CREATE.


By conversing with others and doing special group exercises, you will cement the understanding of these concepts. You will also have ample opportunities to make new friends and create new relationships.


The guided meditations are the KEY to change. You will viscerally integrate the new knowledge via an energetic experience. Michael Hodge and Jon Hodge will both guide you through different meditations, including a walking meditation outside and an energy-moving meditation. Go deeper than ever before with the immense group energy that is created.


We will have a special "Level-Up Coaching" experience live for the group. This is an opportunity for a few attendees to have an immediate breakthrough. We will also have a fireside chat with Jon, getting to hear about his most recent mystical experiences to close out the night.



Friday, November 18th

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Breakthrough Sessions + Meditations + More

Saturday, November 19th

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Breakthrough Sessions + Meditations + More

Sunday, November 20th

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Breakthrough Sessions + Meditations + More

A Beautiful Retreat in Nature in Richardson, Texas

We will be hosting this retreat at the Springhill Retreat Center (directions). Conveniently located in Richardson, Texas, just North of Dallas.

Lodging & Airport Info

If you live in the DFW area, you can drive to the venue each day. Otherwise, you will need to book your own lodging. There are many nearby hotels, airbnbs, and other choices nearby. We do have 4 rooms available on-site, please ask if you would like to book a room on the property itself.


We will take a lunch break each day, and you can go to a local restaurant, meals will not be provided on-site.

A Winding Labyrinth

Allow yourself to be guided down the path as you connect in with Mother Earth in this special spiritual experience on-site.

Bask in Serenity

Our meeting room overlooks a picturesque pond, mature trees, and a path around the water for grounding and integration.



"a lot of healing occurred"

"It is about transforming who you are and connecting to your higher self and learning to be in joy and peace and bliss all the time. A lot of healing occurred. I let go of some things — it was truly transformative.”

-Leslie Noble, Past Attendee

"things are going to come to me easily"

"My battery is charged up. Things are going to come to me easily, effortlessly…I am not worried, kind of like a zen state — the way that I feel now, and the way I am going to feel in the next couple of weeks or months.”

-Daniel Martin, Past Attendee

"I know I'm transformed"

"It was an amazing retreat, I had never been to a retreat like this before, and I had been missing out. This was truly amazing, it was life changing. I know I’m transformed. I will never be the same.”

-Lisa Buford, Past Attendee


Michael Hodge

After going through a spiritual crucible of chronic pain and divorce, Michael:transformed by aligning to his true energy, which is that of teaching spiritual truths in a way that are easy to apply. He has a knack for making complex teachings easy to understand and practical. Through creating educational programs in the areas of language learning, martial arts, and healing, he awakens sleeping dragons to their highest purpose.

Jon Hodge

Jon has been on a 25+ year journey of self-mastery, which was brought upon by self-destructive behaviors, pain in his work, and discord in his family. By immersing himself in martial arts, energy work (tai chi, qigong, falun dafa), meditation, channeled writing, and the inhabitation of elevated consciousness, he has put these methods to the test. He has passionately developed the Soul Design system and is overjoyed by the opportunity to give others spiritual epiphanies that create soul-level change.


Step Into Your New Destiny

  Only 60 Tickets Available   




Suggested Exchange: $397 --- (You're Free to Pay More or Less)

  • 3 Day Retreat Admission
  • Life-shifting Moments with Jon and Michael and all Attendees
  • Coaching and Q & A Opportunities
  • Guided Growthwork
  • Soul-Shifting Transformation
  • A Guided Walking Meditation (yours to keep)
  • Soul-Shifting Transformation

Evidence Speaks the LOUDEST


“Connecting to my highest essence and everything I want to bring about in my life. I feel I’m closer to that than I was when I walked in the door. This is a great community and I expect it to only grow because we're all very positive and I think speaking great truths that the world should hear.”

-Jason Crain



“Just come with an open mind, and the more open you are, the more you get blissed out.”

-Abhi Muppiri


Two years ago I was in the spiritual closet.

I was not living life as my authentic self. It made me sick — physically ill. I was weak and decrepit, not speaking out with a closed throat chakra. I had allowed myself to be in a misaligned relationship for far too long (out of fear), and had myself played too small. I made a decision with such emotional intensity that if I was going to live a life, that I would make it the best life I’d ever lived.

I chose to live from that day forward magnanimously, always loving others — AND MYSELF. I chose to step out of the mud and into the river of life, allowing Spirit to breathe through me.

By changing myself on the inside, my external reality changed. That’s really how it works. That’s the secret to all of this. My relationships around me are beautifully supportive and loving now. I live in a gorgeous home that I “manifested.” I do this transformational work and serve souls with my divine gifts. Life gets better every single day and I can’t help but tell others how they can be here too. Let me show you. I can’t wait to see you soon!

In love, Michael

Are you ready to step into your dream life?

Manifest a New Destiny in Dallas.