What if 30 minutes of daily meditation could guarantee your manifestations?


A Daily Meditation Practice that Will Make You a FREQUENCY-MATCH that the Universe Will Respond To

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  • Have you tried to make meditation a daily habit and failed in the past?

  • Are you wanting to create something different in your life, but are not sure how?

  • The Practice takes you from the past self (stuck, not changing) to the NEW YOU (abundant, in love, passionate, healthy, and aligned).

  • This is the practice that takes you from “trying to change” to BECOMING the new you, day-by-day.

It’s given me calmness and a peace of mind. A lot of that is coming from meditation and some of the techniques that Michael has given me to help me meditate.

- Chris Baken

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Inside The Essential Practice

Guided meditations that are architected for transformation (the type of meditation does matter)

A morning ritual to embody your future self, it’s just minutes, but it attracts things to you because you’re limitless

An evening ritual to reflect and review how you showed up that day, no longer falling back to the past self and going unconscious to a program of the past

Self-Growth journaling practices that help you uncover your blocks and clarify the future that you’re creating

Not All Meditations are Designed for Manifestation…Have You Been Meditating Wrong?


Maybe you started meditating a while back…on youtube, or headspace, or you went to a transcendental meditation class...wherever it began. All meditation is beneficial, but not all have the same outcome.


In The Essential Practice, we utilize “active meditations” (intentionality based meditations). These are about consciously creating what you choose. Is your meditation practice aligned to your desired outcome? 


By combining active meditations, an aligned morning and evening ritual, and self-growth exercises, you will have a powerful foundation set for the NEW YOU to blossom.

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While I can’t guarantee something for you (it’s your body, your life, your soul’s point of consciousness), I can tell you what I know. 


What I know is that since I started meditating daily (as an unbreakable habit) and following this exact practice, my life has changed in vast ways. Because I’ve changed. I:Transformed.

  • I went from being afraid to dance 3 years ago to now hosting a monthly Conscious Dance event (it’s pretty fun, you should come)
  • From working 10 hour days, trying to force my business to grow, to now serving from the heart, with time to actually enjoy life, and my income has more than doubled
  • I went from having sexual issues (in my body and mind) to having soul-blowing, energy-connected lovemaking frequently
  • From being physical weak, with chronic pain to gaining 15 pounds of muscle and feeling incredible joy

And that’s just me!! So many more beautiful souls in the You:Transformed community have transformed. And it all started with THE ESSENTIAL PRACTICE.

This isn’t just another meditation. This isn’t just a journal prompt.

This is Source-flowing, discipline showing, guidance for you to step into your dream life.

Become the New You NOW, with The Essential Practice.

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“I have taken some of the things that I have learned and actually applied them. I’ve become 100X more confident than I was in who I AM.”

- Jason Crain

“Joining You:Transformed brought me a lot of clarity in my day-to-day life. More importantly it contributed immensely to my spiritual growth.”

- Abhi Muppiri