Go from Stuck to Manifesting Miracles with Guidance from Your Spirit Guides

*April 20-21, 2024*

I walked away having complete faith and confirmation that this is real.

-Chrystal LeGrand, Retreat Attendee

What if your Spirit Guide could tell you exactly what you need to know, right now?

Spirit is always trying to communicate with you.

When you're stuck in your mind or lost in the waves of your emotions, you're deaf to their guidance.

THANKFULLY, Jon has committed 30 years of relentless effort to connect with his guides and raise his vibration.

Jon will be connecting with Spirit Guides live, in-person at the retreat, which can lead to direct communication, guidance, and answers — in the perfect way for you.

You will leave vibrating high AND MANIFESTING MIRACLES

At the 2 Day Manifest Miracles Retreat, this is what you can expect to walk away with:

  Get guidance from your spirit guide to help you navigate any current challenges and be on the right path

  Align to the true you so that you stop feeling frustrated and cut off life-force energy

  Elevate your meditation game, by connecting in and going further than you've ever gone before

  Release blockages through breathwork and energy practices, to be ALL THAT YOU ARE

  Ancient rituals to remind you of your true self, to support you to manifest miracles



“I was able to release a lot of the things that I was holding onto. The message that came through my guide via Jon was really the answer to my question.”

-Murielle Dugay



“Getting an opportunity to go deeper into meditations...and then reflect and share those reflections with those who understand.”





Jon will be directly communicating with the spirit guides of attendees. Relaying the exact answer to questions that are needed and providing direct communication. It is awe-some to see this and be guided so directly.


The breath will take you places you could never imagine. In our breathwork journey, prepare to let go of thoughts and enter purely into energy, creating a cathartic release for your blockages.


The guided meditations are the KEY to change. You will viscerally integrate the new knowledge via an energetic experience. Michael and Jon will both guide you through different meditations and breathwork experiences. Go deeper than ever before with the immense group energy that is created.


You have the opportunity to share your personal challenges and goals with the coaches to get rapid-fire guidance. These coaching sessions are one of the top reasons people comes to You:Transformed retreats, to get help with THEIR life, now.


A yoga class with energy work to move the prana through your body and enliven your spirit! This yoga class will be for all levels, simply show up and get ready to feel great!


Be joyful and make friends who resonate at your frequency! From the meditations, to sessions, to dancing, to hugs, and chats...our retreats bring together new friends and life-long connections are born!




Saturday, April 20th

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Breakthrough Sessions + Meditations + More

Sunday, April 21st

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Breakthrough Sessions + Meditations + More

A Beautiful Retreat in Nature in Richardson, Texas

We will be hosting this retreat at the Springhill Retreat Center (directions). Conveniently located in Richardson, Texas, just North of Dallas.

Lodging & Airport Info

If you live in the DFW area, you can drive to the venue each day. Otherwise, you will need to book your own lodging. There are many nearby hotels, airbnbs, and other choices nearby. We do have 4 rooms available on-site, please ask if you would like to book a room on the property itself.


We will take a lunch break each day, and you can go to a local restaurant, meals will not be provided on-site.

A Winding Labyrinth

Allow yourself to be guided down the path as you connect in with Mother Earth in this special spiritual experience on-site.

Bask in Serenity

Our meeting room overlooks a picturesque pond, mature trees, and a path around the water for grounding and integration.



"a lot of healing occurred"

"It is about transforming who you are and connecting to your higher self and learning to be in joy and peace and bliss all the time. A lot of healing occurred. I let go of some things — it was truly transformative.”

-Leslie Noble, Past Attendee

"things are going to come to me easily"

"My battery is charged up. Things are going to come to me easily, effortlessly…I am not worried, kind of like a zen state — the way that I feel now, and the way I am going to feel in the next couple of weeks or months.”

-Daniel Martin, Past Attendee

"I know I'm transformed"

"It was an amazing retreat, I had never been to a retreat like this before, and I had been missing out. This was truly amazing, it was life changing. I know I’m transformed. I will never be the same.”

-Lisa Buford, Past Attendee


Michael Hodge

After going through a spiritual crucible of chronic pain and divorce, Michael:transformed by aligning to his true energy, which is that of teaching spiritual truths in a way that are easy to apply. He has a knack for making complex teachings easy to understand and practical. He is also the founder of a world-leading holistic male pelvic health company and a spiritual rapper.

Jon Hodge

Jon has been on a 25+ year journey of self-mastery, which was brought upon by self-destructive behaviors, pain in his work, and discord in his family. By immersing himself in martial arts, energy work (tai chi, qigong, falun dafa), meditation, channeled writing, and the inhabitation of elevated consciousness, he has put these methods to the test. He has passionately developed the Soul Design system and is overjoyed by the opportunity to give others spiritual epiphanies that create soul-level change.

Pay What Feels Good - The Reciprocity of Life

This event is a "Pay What Feels Good" offering. Anyone and everyone can attend, you simply pay whatever feels good to you. Make your energy exchange. 

Reciprocity is the flow of life. The law of circulation. The river of abundance. As you receive, give. As you give, receive. We ask that you make an energy exchange to support the You:Transformed mission as we continue to bring more light into the world, with you.

How much should you pay for your ticket? We have a suggested amount of $297, but you are free to do more or less. 

We only have 60 tickets available. These are going to go FAST, make sure and tell your friends! 

Only purchase a ticket if you have full intent on attending. Thank you for respecting this beautiful One Heart Family retreat!


Align to Your Truth

  Only 60 Tickets Available   

APRIL 20-21, 2024


Pay What Feels Good

Make Your Energy Exchange, Any Amount

  • 2 Day Retreat Admission
  • Life-shifting Moments with Jon, Michael, and all Attendees
  • Spirit Guide Messages
  • The Magic of Manifesting
  • Coaching and Q & A Opportunities
  • Group Meditations
  • Joyful Friends
  • Breathwork Journey
  • Yoga and Energy Class
  • Soul-Shifting Transformation

Evidence Speaks the LOUDEST


“I have been able to let them go, let go of the resistance that was coming up for me that has been there. And I realized like I have to let go of control. And once I did that, that was like, that was the, the most profound moment ever for me.”

-Chiko Nweke



“The connections that I've made and the revelations that I've had about my life and where I'm going are INVALUABLE."”

-Angela Francisco



“Just come with an open mind, and the more open you are, the more you get blissed out.”

-Abhi Muppiri


When is NOW a Good Time to Learn the Magic of Manifesting?

I used to buy the $10 spiritual books. I meditated here and there, but I never invested in attending a spiritual retreat.

I figured that I could just do it on my own. WOW, was I missing out for years. When you come to a You:Transformed Retreat, the group energy, the love, the vibration...it is astounding how it feels.

You literally shift timelines after leaving an event, going back into a world where you are more aligned, centered, loving, and connected.

Like St. Germain (the ascended master said): "Once you see the true workings of the universe, you will cease to believe in miracles." (I'm paraphrasing)

Miracles are higher vibrational co-creations, that YOU HAVE ACCESS to bringing into your life.

This is your moment to use the magic of manifestation. To meet your spirit guides and hear the message that you need. To meditate and ascend to one heart.

Let's do this together, I'll see you soon.

Love, Michael

Are you ready to become ALL THAT YOU ARE?

Manifest Miracles in Dallas.