Journey to a Higher Vibration of Love and Connection


Here I’ve noticed this complete acceptance from everybody...we’re all transforming together.

-Tyler Drake, Retreat Attendee

You are the light OF THE WORLD.

Are you ready to experience more love and spread your light into the world?

  Learn how to feel subtle energies and increase your awareness.

  Experience deeply powerful meditations, to reach a new frequency.

  Place yourself in a situation to meet the TRUE you and be fully aligned.

  Make soul family friends as we transform, connect, and have fun together.

  Hike and connect in this beautiful setting in nature, far from it all.

Journey to a higher vibration with us in the Hill Country. This is your soul's invitation.



“Having that enthusiasm for life rejuvenated…ready to go out and raise other people's vibrations, because what we learn here and what we experience here is going to change everything else. It's the butterfly effect.”

-Tanin Nazmul



“Energy in the room was just so welcoming, warm, and friendly.”

-Shradha Aiyer




Powerful wisdom shared by your teachers Jon and Michael. Follow along to learn about energy mastery, manifestation, higher self communication. Including interactive exercises and application.


Learn new ways of connecting with energy, such as reiki, tree connection, yoga flows, merging, healing, and loving expansions. We will be doing energy work together as a group.


We will explore the beautiful, expansive property. Connecting wtih oak trees, breathing in the fresh air, seeing animals, and mindfully merging with the energy of the elements on hikes.


We will be eating all of our meals together, and will have time for some fun on Saturday night! From playing music, to tarot reads, to hanging out, enjoy your soul family!


Enjoy some homemade, healthy, clean-eating food while at the retreat. Expect high quality ingredients, with food made to your own specific dietary preference if needed.


We will have a laser coaching experience, where you will get a chance to break through on a challenge that you are currently experiencing, or just to have a question answered!



Saturday, September 24th

Begins at 10:00 a.m. - Sessions + Meditations + Meals + More

[Sleep on Site]

Sunday, September 25th

Ends at 5:00 p.m. - Sessions + Meditations + Meals + More

A Beautiful Retreat in Nature in Hamilton, Texas

We will be hosting this retreat at the Jon's ranch in the Hill Country, in the small town of Hamilton, Texas. Located about 2.5 hours South of Dallas or 2 hours North of Austin. You can see the stars at night, the closest neighbor is hundreds of yards away. Experience the calm, the quiet, and the GREAT ENERGY of this land.

Lodging Info

All attendees are invited to stay on-site in the house. We have three bedrooms available, along with large spaces in the living room, family room, and the screened-in porch. The bedrooms will be first-requested, first-served. Otherwise, please bring an air mattress, or cot, or just a sleeping bag/blanket/pillow. We have bathrooms you can use for showering. This will be just for one night (Saturday night). If you prefer, you can also stay at your own lodging nearby, and drive back on Sunday morning.


We will provide all meals on-site (healthy, non-gmo, mostly organic ingredients, whole food based). We will ask you to provide any dietary restrictions, so that we can serve you.



"a lot of healing occurred"

"It is about transforming who you are and connecting to your higher self and learning to be in joy and peace and bliss all the time. A lot of healing occurred. I let go of some things — it was truly transformative.”

-Leslie Noble, Past Attendee

"things are going to come to me easily"

"My battery is charged up. Things are going to come to me easily, effortlessly…I am not worried, kind of like a zen state — the way that I feel now, and the way I am going to feel in the next couple of weeks or months.”

-Daniel Martin, Past Attendee

"I know I'm transformed"

"It was an amazing retreat, I had never been to a retreat like this before, and I had been missing out. This was truly amazing, it was life changing. I know I’m transformed. I will never be the same.”

-Lisa Buford, Past Attendee


Michael Hodge

After going through a spiritual crucible of chronic pain and divorce, Michael:transformed by aligning to his true energy, which is that of teaching spiritual truths in a way that are easy to apply. He has a knack for making complex teachings easy to understand and practical. Through creating educational programs in the areas of language learning, martial arts, and healing, he awakens sleeping dragons to their highest purpose.

Jon Hodge

Jon has been on a 25+ year journey of self-mastery, which was brought upon by self-destructive behaviors, pain in his work, and discord in his family. By immersing himself in martial arts, energy work (tai chi, qigong, falun dafa), meditation, channeled writing, and the inhabitation of elevated consciousness, he has put these methods to the test. He has passionately developed the Soul Design system and is overjoyed by the opportunity to give others spiritual epiphanies that create soul-level change.


Be the Light of the World

  Only 14 Tickets Available   





  • 2 Day Retreat Admission
  • Life-shifting Moments with Jon and Michael and all Attendees
  • Coaching and Q & A Opportunities
  • Energy Work and Yoga
  • Nature Connection Experiences
  • One Night On-Site Lodging
  • Healthy Meals Included

Evidence Speaks the LOUDEST


“Connecting to my highest essence and everything I want to bring about in my life. I feel I’m closer to that than I was when I walked in the door. This is a great community and I expect it to only grow because we're all very positive and I think speaking great truths that the world should hear.”

-Jason Crain



“Just come with an open mind, and the more open you are, the more you get blissed out.”

-Abhi Muppiri


Are you being guided to expand and align?

Journey Within this September.