Let Go of the Past and Transform with Galactic Guides!

  Meet Your Spirit Guide and Galactics 
✷  Feel Source Energy Pour Through You
✷  2 Days of Pure Bliss



"Get ready to be catapulted into a higher level of consciousness & being!"

- Linda Arsenio, Past Attendee

Loving, Group Energy Automatically Begins to Clear Your Inner Blocks…

Powerful, spiritual, live events are not just about the fun, the crystals, the meditation, and the sage. When we come together as ONE, we form a powerful, high frequency portal.

We invite galactics and other loving higher-dimensional beings to come forth and “join the party.”




✔ Clearing of stuck and blocked energy
✔ Releasing negative thoughts and patterns
✔ Cleansing repressed emotions
✔ Can heal imbalances in your body
✔ Fresh energy and inspiration for creation
✔ Flowing, intuitive downloads come through
✔ A deep, unmistakable love is felt throughout

Come to Galactic Oneness to clear, heal, create, and be IN LOVE with us.

The Shift Gets REAL at Our Events


I realized I have to let go of control. And once I did that…that was the most profound moment ever for me.”



"Getting an opportunity to go deeper into meditations ...and then reflect and share those reflections with those who understand.”


A Once-in-Many-Lifetimes Event…Including:

Galactic Guides

Bring your questions! You will have the opportunity to ask one of the guides any question that you would like. Receive powerful assistance from higher dimensional beings (via Jon).

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Some attendees will also meet their spirit guide! Have a conversation with this loving being who is always with you. Get intimate direction from your closest companion.

Group Meditations

Follow along in deep guided meditations. Let the music awaken your Source energy, feel the unity, and go higher than ever before.

Conscious Friends

Make new high-vibe friends. Hang out during lunch, go on walks around the lake, and get to know one another as we grow our One Heart Family.



 Saturday, December 9th

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Galactic Guides Sessions + Meditations + More



 Saturday, December 10th

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Galactic Guides Sessions + Meditations + More



Meet the Galactic Guides in this Beautiful, Natural Hideaway in Richardson, Texas

We will be hosting this retreat at the Springhill Retreat Center (directions). Conveniently located in Richardson, Texas, just North of Dallas.

Lodging & Airport Info

If you live in the DFW area, you can drive to the venue each day. Otherwise, you will need to book your own lodging. There are many nearby hotels, airbnbs, and other choices nearby.


We will take a lunch break each day, and you can go to a local restaurant, meals will not be provided on-site.



A Winding Labyrinth

Allow yourself to be guided down the path as you connect in with Mother Earth in this special spiritual experience on-site.


Bask in Serenity

Our meeting room overlooks a picturesque pond, mature trees, and a path around the water for grounding and integration.



Your Galactic Guides


You’ve NEVER been to an event like this. The Galactic Guides will be speaking through Jon to answer questions and even lead us through meditations and energy practices!



Bashar is a powerful guide from the Essassani race within Oneness. Bashar is currently working closely with the human collective to help with this current shift in consciousness.



A powerful Sirian master who has come forth to assist in this time. Experience his divine masculine energy, wisdom, and guiding light of consciousness.



Ariel represents the divine feminine energy of the Pleidian collective. Feel her soft, nurturing, enfolding compassion via connection, questions, and meditations.



Hailing from the 5D ascended collective on the planet of Venus, Elizzah is a bearer of intensely deep presence. Feel her light, her love, and her divine guidance through energetic connections.


Christ Consciousness

The light, the way, the truth of the highest levels of individualized consciousness, transmitted via waves of love and indescribable, impassioned luminosity. 



Jon (from Earth, aka Terra) embodies the energies of purity, unconditional love, and service to the all. His deep Source alignment and energetic gifts allow for us all to connect together.


Your Transformation is Inevitable


“I walked away having complete faith and confirmation that this is real.


“The connections that I've made and the revelations that I've had about my life and where I'm going are INVALUABLE.


Step into YOUR New Timeline

Only 60 Spaces Available

Don't miss a beat!



2 Day Admission

Q & A with Galactic Guides

Spirit Guide Connections

Group Meditations

Conscious Friends

Portal Activations


Only have one day?



1 Day Admission

Q & A with Galactic Guides

Spirit Guide Connections

Group Meditations

Conscious Friends

Portal Activations

It's mind blowing and heart opening to connect with the wisdom of my spirit guides and these extremely high vibrational, grandest perspective beings like Bashar, Elizzah, Yeshua, Adronis. They each have a unique felt sense just like you and I have our own signature frequency."

   - Tyler Drake, Past Attendee

What Will You Experience at GALACTIC ONENESS?


“The retreat was extremely uplifting. I was able to drastically increase my energy levels. I learned to maintain my vibration and work through traumatic negative emotions.

-Daniel Lee, Past Attendee

“I’ve learned how to embody my Higher Self and move through life as a conscious creator of reality. There’s a remembrance that takes place at these events, and I always leave feeling more connected and aligned than when I arrived. The space held is incredibly special—a gathering of beautiful souls, with unconditional love at the core, always.”

-Sylvie Leveiller, Past Attendee